Title of Lesson: Planet Match – Solar System Review
Date: January 09 Timeframe of Lesson: 45 minutes
Author(s): Stacy Cox
School District: Frederic School District
Campus: Frederic Elementary
Subject Area(s): Science
Grade Level(s)/Course: First Grade

State Standards
Subject Specific:
Science E.4.4 – Identify celestial objects (stars, sun, moon, planets) in the sky, noting changes in patterns of those objects over time

Technology Specific:
Media and Technology A.4.1 – Use common media and technology terminology and equipment
Stated Objective(s)

Students will demonstrate achievement by naming the planets in our solar system.

Anticipatory Set (Focus)

Students will revisit and watch the video clip: Blue Beauty. http://lifeboat.com/ex/blue.beauty


I will demonstrate what I want the students to accomplish by showing them on the classroom Smart board first.
Guided Practice

Together, I will walk the students through the steps to open up the Planet Match slide they will complete using our classroom Smart board. Then I will show them what I want them to do on the Planet Match slide. If the students are unable to read the planet names they will be able to click on the planet name and the planet name will be read to them.
Opportunities to Relearn

I will be walking around the room observing the students to see if they are matching the planets. If the students are unable to read the planet names they will be able to click on the planet name and the planet name will be read to them.

Independent Practice

After I have modeled the lesson to the students, we will walk to the computer lab. Each student will go to their own computer. Once there I will talk them through the steps to find the Planet Match slide I want them to complete. When the students have opened their slide they will be able begin matching the planet names with the correct picture of the planet by sliding the name into the box below the picture. Those students who need to have the names read to them will be able to click on the planet names individually and hear the word in their headsets. When the students have completed their matches they will then print them.

Assessment or Evaluation

The students will each complete their own slide – matching the planet names to the correct planet.

When the students have printed their matching slide they will bring it to me and tell me 1 fact they learned about any of the planets in the solar system.


Together, back in our classroom, we will go over the slide the students completed in the computer lab. We will match the planet names to the pictures and the students will then erase below the answer to reveal the correct name.

Technology Resources:
17 computers
Notebook 10 software
Smart board
Classroom computer
Blue Beauty site
Lab printer
17 head sets