Foundations of Educational Technology

Web 2.0 Website
This site can be used in the classroom by using the book you find as a read-aloud, especially with a Smart Board. This site gives you lots of suggestions on books and even lets you rate them and add comments. You can make your own bookshelf to add and collect your favorite books. It also lets you see what other users have picked as their favorites. It also helps to review a book and decide if you want to purchase it later or not. You can look at a book first to see if that is what you want to use for your classroom.

Technology Website Assignment
This site is perfect for my classroom- especially 1st grade! This teacher uses the site to post her classroom newsletter, student work, and internet resources for parents. I like the way she has everything set up and her pages are easy to navigate. I also am going to like to use it as another resource to find current topic activities as she keeps the site up-to-date.
This site is full of information on all subjects. Plus it has some great interactive game sites. I looked up the math section and liked what they had there. Sometimes the students need another way to learn and this site has some other options for us to explore. This site also has extra facts about the topics you are exploring such as facts about coins.
This site is a great spelling site. You can take spelling tests on the computers (test me), work with the spelling words (teach me), and even play games (play a game) using, once again, only the spelling words. It is a wonderful way to practice the spelling words throughout the week using different activities.

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