iPod class wiki


Assignment #1: Ten Websites or articles

1. http://www.learninginhand.com/podcasting/index.html
This site helps us with podcasting. It also has a link to subscribe to free podcasts.

2. http://www.learninginhand.com/ipod/lessonplans.html
iPod Lesson Plans
This site has lots of lesson plans to use with the iPod. It looks like it will be a very useful site.

3. http://storynory.com/
This site has free audio stories for kids to listen to.

4. http://oedb.org/library/beginning-online-learning/100-ways-to-use-your-ipod-to-learn-and-study-better
100 Ways To Use Your iPod
This site has 100 ways to use your iPod.

5. http://www.webanalyticsworld.net/2008/02/leverage-your-ipod-for-education.html
Leverage Your iPod for Education
This site goes with the 100 ways to use your iPod, except it is split up into eight main sections and it lists a few of the top iPod tips and resources. In case you get overwhelmed with all 100, check out this site.

6. http://kids.audible.com/adkd/site/k/homepageGuest.jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@0416955386.1247873547@@@@&BV_EngineID=cccladehkgjdjifcefecekjdffidfml.0
Audible Kids - Listen and Learn Together
This is another great site for kids to listen to audio stories. They have a wide selection and for all ages.

7. http://www.springfield.k12.il.us/ipod/
Transform Your Classroom with an iPod
This site has some interesting ways of how to use an iPod in your classroom. There are many ideas and helpful hints for teachers. Plus there are more tutorials to help us.

8. http://www.teachingheart.net/ipod.htm
Teaching Heart's iPods for Teachers and Parents
This neat site gives many examples on how to use an iPod in the classroom. One thing I really liked was at the end visitors to the website are able to share their own experiences using iPods.

9. http://www.pre-kpages.com/ipods.html
Using iPods in the Early Childhood Classroom
This is another site that explains how the creator has used iPods in their classroom. It has some other useful ideas for younger elementary.

10. http://www.apple.com/nz/education/ipod/lessons/
iPods in the Classroom
This is the apple site that contains lesson plans for using iPods in the classroom.

Assignment #2: Aha Moments

1. I found my first Aha moment from Lisa's wiki. It was about another school district that used iPods in the classroom. There were some very helpful lesson plans. I found 3 that I for sure would like to implement in my classroom next year using my iPod. Thanks Lisa!
I also liked this additional website from Lisa. It has some great links at the bottom for additional iPod applications.

2. The second Aha moment comes from Pat. What a great site. I love the You Tube video. What an interesting thought about what technology can do in our classrooms. There seems to be endless possibilities with the iPod Touch. Thanks Pat! http://ipodclassroom.wikispaces.com/

3. My third Aha moment is from Gaelyn. It is from Scholastic and gives us 10 podcasts for teachers and kids. There are some useful ideas to make some podcasts and also some great podcasts to listen to. I especially want to use the poetry podcasts and the children's fun storytime podcasts. Thanks Gaelyn!

4. The fourth Aha moment came from LeAnn. It was interesting to know that they do make a stylus for the iPods in case some students need it - especially those that need fine motor skills a stylus would benefit them. Thanks LeAnn! http://www.learninginhand.com/ipod/touch/tips.html#Stylus

5. Aha moment number five is from Tony. It's an article about implementing the iPod school wide. I really like how at the end of the article teachers are able to blog about what applications they like to use. Very helpful for those of us new to the iPod. Thanks Tony! http://www.classroom20.com/forum/topics/ipod-touch-schoolwide?x=1&id=649749%3ATopic%3A299804&page=4

Assignment #3: Subscribed Podcast

This site has Super Why (from PBS Kids) podcasts for the students to listen and watch while learning extra skills to help them read and spell. These podcasts could also be used on my Smart Board in my classroom.
This site could be used with the Super Why podcasts. It is an educational website with many things to do. I would use this site together on my Smart Board and my students could use it in our computer lab individually. There are many fun things for the students to go through while learning how read and spell. There are 4 main sections: the power to read, spelling power, word power and alphabet power.
This site has a good handful of podcasts on different topics that I would use as examples of podcasts for my students to listen to. This way they could get an idea of what a podcast is and what I am expecting them to do. They might understand what I expect of them as they realize what the final result is.

Assignment #4: Unit Plan

Assignment #5: Teacher-Created Podcast and Student-Created Podcast

Teacher-Created Podcast
The students will use this podcast to start out our frog unit journaling the K and W of a K, W, L chart.

Student-Created Podcasts
Observing the life cycle of a frog in a classroom aquarium. The students will create podcasts when the tadpoles/frogs change. They will describe the changes taking place.

Observation #1 1st Week

Observation #2 2nd Week

Observation #3 4th Week

Observation #4 8th Week

Observation #5 12th Week

Observation #6 16th Week

Assignment #6: 2 fun iPod applications

PopMath: Students practice their basic math skills while popping the matching bubbles.

MathO: Students are given a problem and they have to find the correct answer on the score card. Very similar to BINGO.